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ENDO 1 (2007), No. 3     1. Oct. 2007
ENDO 1 (2007), No. 3  (01.10.2007)

Page 181-187

Tooth discolouration following dental trauma
Roy, Rajneesh / Chandler, Nicholas Paul
This paper reviews the ways in which traumatised teeth may become discoloured. The literature was searched using the PubMed database with the following terms: dental trauma, tooth discolouration, pulp necrosis, tooth staining. The search was limited to articles in the English language. A manual search using references from this source followed. Although all abstracts were read in full, this is not intended as a systematic review. Little has been written in endodontic texts; much has been said about bleaching and other means of treating discoloured teeth, which is beyond the scope of this paper.

Keywords: calcific metamorphosis, pulp haemorrhage, pulp necrosis, resorption, tooth staining
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