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ENDO 4 (2010), No. 4     17. Dec. 2010
ENDO 4 (2010), No. 4  (17.12.2010)

Page 315-318

Accidental swallowing and uneventful expulsion of a hand ProTaper endodontic file: a case report
Ebenezar, AV Rajesh / Mary, A Vinita / Kumar, R Anil / Srinivasan, MR / Indira, R / Ramachandran, S
Accidental swallowing of instruments during endodontic procedures is often unheard of, but when it does occur it causes much anxiety to the endodontist. When swallowing of an endodontic instrument occurs, the endodontist should have basic knowledge about the procedures, complications and methods of retrieving the swallowed instrument, as well as an ability to reassure the patient. The present study discusses a case report of successful retrieval of a swallowed endodontic instrument and also highlights the various complications that may arise due to accidental swallowing of instruments and their treatment modalities.

Keywords: accidental swallowing, endodontic file, foreign body, iatrogenic error
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