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ENDO 11 (2017), No. 4     7. Dec. 2017
ENDO 11 (2017), No. 4  (07.12.2017)

Page 285-290

Evaluating the physical properties of one novel and two well-established epoxy resin-based root canal sealers
Solomonov, Michael / Itzhak, Joe Ben
Objectives: Despite the variety of root canal sealers on the market, an ideal root canal sealer has not been developed. A new epoxy resin sealer, BJM Root Canal Sealer, contains a quaternary amine macromolecule, Biosafe, which provides anti-biofilm features. The aim of the present study was to perform an in vitro evaluation and comparison of the physical properties of this novel endodontic epoxy resin-based sealer (BJM Root Canal Sealer) with those of AH Plus and MM-Seal.
Materials and methods: Flow, working time and solubility were evaluated based on the ISO 6876/2012 standards. Dimensional change was assessed based on the ISO 6876/2001 standards. The physical properties were analysed using one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA).
Results: The tested sealer flows were consistent with the ISO 6876/2012 recommendations. The dimensional changes of the tested sealers were inconsistent with the ISO 6876/2001 recommendations. The AH Plus sealer exhibited a lower flow than the other sealers (P < 0.05). The MM-Seal sample featured the lowest working time and highest dimensional change compared with the other sealers (P < 0.05). Solubility tests showed that AH Plus and BJM Root Canal Sealer have solubilities within the limit allowed by the ISO 6876/2012 recommendations (3% mass fraction).
Conclusions: BJM Root Canal Sealer presented physicochemical properties that were similar to the AH Plus sealer. The physicochemical properties of BJM Root Canal Sealer conformed to the ISO 6876/2012 recommendations, except for the dimensional change, which did not fulfil the ISO 6876/2001 recommendations, as seen in all tested sealers.

Keywords: epoxy sealer, physical properties, root canal sealer
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