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ENDO 10 (2016), Nr. 2     8. Juli 2016
ENDO 10 (2016), Nr. 2  (08.07.2016)

Seite 95-103, Sprache: Englisch

Rubber dam acceptance by patients treated by undergraduate and postgraduate students
Fragouli, Eirini P. / Petridis, Xenos M. / Georgopoulou, Maria K.
Aim: The aims of the present survey were to record the views of patients on their experience of rubber dam (RD) use in an objective manner and evaluate the influence of several personal and clinical factors on patient opinion.
Methodology: A simple questionnaire was distributed to 116 patients receiving root canal treatment in the Dental School of Athens University. The sample was divided into two groups; adult patients receiving treatment under RD from (a) final-year students and (b) postgraduate students. Data were analysed using: a) exact tests and b) univariate and multivariate ordinal logistic models.
Results: Overall, patients' current experience and preference for future RD use were positive. Although slight differences were detected between the two groups of patients, concerning their experience and future preference, no clear trend was found. A positive association between current experience and future RD use was demonstrated among all participants (P < 0.001). The probability of a less favorable outcome regarding patients' current experience and their preference for future RD use were higher as the placement time was increasing (P < 0.001 and P = 0.009, respectively). The probability of a less favorable outcome regarding patients' current experience was higher as usage duration was increasing and the effect was more pronounced amongst patients treated by postgraduate students.
Conclusions: Evidence suggesting positive patient attitudes to RD use is presented. Overall, patient opinion concerning current experience of RD use and future preference did not differ significantly in relation to the experience of the clinicians. Patients' current experience exerted significant leverage on their future preference.

Schlagwörter: future preference, patients' current experience, rubber dam
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