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ENDO 11 (2017), No. 4     7. Dec. 2017
ENDO 11 (2017), No. 4  (07.12.2017)

Page 271-277

Comparative study of the mechanical properties of instruments made of conventional, M-wire, R-phase, and controlled memory nickel-titanium alloys
Soares, Renata G. / Lopes, Hélio P. / Elias, Carlos N. / Viera, Márcia V. B. / Vieira, Victor T. L. / de Paula, Cintia B. / Alves, Flávio R. F.
Objective: This study aimed to evaluate and compare the mechanical behaviour of four brands of engine-driven NiTi endodontic instruments: HyFlex CM, made of controlled memory NiTi wire; Twisted File, made of R-phase NiTi; ProFile Vortex, manufactured from M-wire NiTi and RaCe, made of conventional NiTi.
Materials and methods: Instruments were tested for bending resistance, cyclic fatigue, torsional resistance, Vickers hardness and toughness. Data obtained were statistically tested by analysis of variance and Student Newman-Keuls (SNK) multiple comparison tests.
Results: The mechanical tests showed that instruments have different mechanical properties and performance.
Conclusions: The results from this study showed that HyFlex CM files had the highest bending resistance, cyclic fatigue life and toughness.
Conflict of interest statement: The authors deny any conflicts of interest related to this study.

Keywords: cyclic fatigue, endodontic instruments, flexibility, nickel-titanium alloy, torsional resistance
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