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Issue 2/2012     20. July 2012
20. July 2012
Pages: 83 - 152

Page 83
Editorial: Past and future of endodontics
van der Sluis, Luc
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Page 105-112
Tissue engineering and its application in endodontics: an overview
Loomba, Kapil / Bains, Rhythm / Bains, Vivek Kumar / Loomba, Anju / Nadig, Roopa R. / Shrivastava, Tarun V.
Page 113-117
Defects in ProFile rotary nickel-titanium files after clinical use
Ferreira, Manuel / Ferreira, Hugo / Oliveiros, Barbara / Carrilho, Eunice
Page 119-124
Computed tomographic evaluation of the apical shaping ability of Hero Shaper and Revo-S
Fayyad, Dalia Mukhtar / Sabet, Nihal Ezzat / El-Hafiz, El-Said Mahmoud Abd
Page 125-130
Canal centreing ability of Mtwo, Twisted Files and Revo-S nickel-titanium rotary instruments
El Batouty, Kariem Mostafa / Fekry, Wael Waheed
Page 139-142
Nonsurgical endodontic management of an unusual taurodont maxillary central incisor: An 18-month follow-up
Brito-Júnior, Manoel / Camilo, Carla Cristina / Faria e Silva, André Luis / Sousa-Neto, Manoel Damião
Page 143-152
Middle mesial canal in mandibular molars: review and clinical case reports
Petridis, Xenos M. / Dechouniotis, Georgios P. / Kondylidou, Vasiliki / Georgopoulou, Maria K.