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Issue 1/2013     4. Mar. 2013
4. Mar. 2013
Pages: 3 - 69

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Page 15-21
Study of the RinsEndo action on the smear layer and debris removal by scanning electron microscopy
Pérard, Matthieu / Le Goff, Anne / Le Clerc, Justine / Gautier, Thomas / Bertaud-Gounot, Valérie / Dautel, Anne
Page 37-40
Accelerant and plasticiser effect on the setting expansion of calcium silicate-based materials
Neal, John J. / Weber, Carol D. / Tordik, Patricia A.
Page 41-46
Quality of root canal fillings performed by inexperienced operators in oval-shaped canals
Vieira, Márcia V. B. / Lopes, Weber S. P. / Neves, Monica A. S. / Gama, Tulio G. / Moreno, Jaime O. / Rocas, Isabela N. / Siqueira Jr, José F. / Armada, Luciana / Alves, Flavio R. F.
Page 47-51
Comparative antimicrobial and antifungal efficacy of BioPure MTAD, Metapex and aztreonam on Enterococcus faecalis and Candida albicans
Balakrishnan, Rajkumar / Dhole, Tapan Kumar / Dubey, Sandeep / Boruah, Lalit Chandra / Langde, Sushil P.
Page 53-58
Location of the canal curvature and its influence on the resistance to fatigue fracture of two rotary nickel-titanium endodontic instruments
Lopes, Hélio P. / Vieira, Márcia V. B. / Elias, Carlos N. / Siqueira Jr, José F. / Goncalves, Lúcio S. / Vieira, Victor T. L.
Page 59-64
The effect of instrument material, taper and degree of root canal curvature on cyclic fatigue of rotary nickel-titanium instruments
Saber, Shehab El Din Mohamed / Seeda, Marwa Mohammad Aly Abou / Hassanien, Ehab
Page 65-69
Effect of combinations of irrigating solutions on dentine wettability
López, Gabriela Lucia / de la Casa, Maria Luisa / Torres, Plinio Fernando / del Milagro Sáez, Maria / López, Maria Elena