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Issue 4/2013     28. Nov. 2013
28. Nov. 2013
Pages: 255 - 318

Page 255
van der Sluis, Luc
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Page 259-274
Preventive endodontics - an argument for avoiding root canal treatment
van der Sluis, Luc / Kidd, Edwina / Gruythuysen, René / Peters, Linda
Page 275-280
Direct pulp capping with MTA - three case reports
Marques, Miguel / Shemesh, Hagay / van der Sluis, Luc
Page 291-297
Healing of a horizontal root fracture with lateral luxation of the coronal fragment: A 3-year follow-up
Diaz, Silvina Carol / Ferreyra, Sonia / Gutmann, James L.
Page 299-304
Endodontic endosseous implants (diodontic or through the tooth implants)
Gutmann, James L. / Levermann, Vivian Manjarres
Page 305-310
Fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth restored with direct resin restoration reinforced with fibre post and polyethylene fibre - an in vitro study
Srinivasan, Archana / Nadig, Roopa / Gananeela, Usha / Boregowda, Vedavathi / Venataramanaswamy, Swapna Devarasanahaali / Jagdeesh, Karthik
Page 311-318
Adhesion of three different resin composite cores on surface preconditioned fibre posts: A microtensile bond strength evaluation
Ahangar, Fayaz Ahmed / Mushtaq, Mubashir / Farooq, Riyaz / Shenoy, Arvind