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Issue 1/2014     10. Mar. 2014
10. Mar. 2014
Pages: 3 - 70

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Page 23-30
Traumatic injuries to permanent anterior teeth among Indians: frequency, aetiology and risk factors
Chandra, Saurabh S. / Choudhary, Ekta / Chandra, Supriya
Page 31-36
Torsional resistance and toughness of two nickel-titanium instruments: Reciproc versus WaveOne
Lopes, Hélio P. / Vieira, Márcia V. B. / Elias, Carlos N. / Siqueira Jr., José F. / Vieira, Victor T. L. / Mangelli, Marcelo / Neves, Monica A. S. / Paiva, Eloana S. / de Paula, Cintia B. / Soares, Renata G.
Page 37-39
Nonsurgical endodontic retreatment of a mandibular first molar with middle mesial canal: A case report
Machado, Ricardo / da Silva, Emmanuel J.N.L. / Rokaya, Dinesh / Vansan, Luiz P.
Page 47-52
C-shaped canal in a mandibular first molar: A case report
Shemesh, Avi / Katzenell, Vered / Itzhak, Joe Ben / Solomonov, Michael
Page 57-62
Evaluation of cytotoxicity and physicochemical properties of silicone-based endodontic sealer GuttaFlow 2
Silva, Emmanuel J.N.L. / Herrera, Daniel R. / Rosa, Tiago P. / Duque, Thais M. / Gomes, Brenda P.F.A. / Zaia, Alexandre A.
Page 63-70
The contribution of cone beam CT in the assessment and management of endodontic-related mental nerve paraesthesia: A report of two cases
Tsompanides, George / Ioannidis, Konstantinos / Angelopoulos, Christos / Lambrianidis, Theodor