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Issue 2/2014     20. June 2014
20. June 2014
Pages: 83 - 162

Page 83
Editorial: Pulp fiction - or pulp fact?
van der Sluis, Luc
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Page 87-103
The role of biofilms in endodontic treatment failure
Di Filippo, Giuseppe / Sidhu, Sharanbir K. / Chong, Bun San
Page 105-127
Endo-perio lesion: Diagnosis, prognosis and decision-making
Bonaccorso, Antonio / Tripi, Teresa Roberta
Page 139-144
Elective root canal treatment: A review and clinical update
Ahmed, Hany Mohamed Aly
Page 145-152
Estimated endodontic treatment need and perceived endodontic treatment performed after 1 year
Hülsmann, Michael / Hammerstein-Loxten, Heike
Page 153-156
Resistance to bending and buckling of WaveOne and Reciproc instruments
Lopes, Weber Schmidt Pereira / Lopes, Hélio P. / Elias, Carlos N. / Vieira, Márcia V. B. / Batista, Marcelo Mangelli Decnop / Cunha, Rodrigo Sanches