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Issue 3/2015     7. Sep. 2015
7. Sep. 2015
Pages: 155 - 224

Page 155-156
Editorial: No Win, No Fee
Chong, Bun San
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Page 161-168
Root canal working length determination and apical limit of root canal instrumentation and obturation
Mohammed, Avan / Sidhu, Sharanbir K. / Chong, Bun San
Page 169-175
Difference in the incidence of the second mesiobuccal canal between Caucasian and Malaysian maxillary first molars
Choi, Daniel / Lee, Ga Yeun / Choi, Alvina / Torabinejad, Mahmoud
Page 177-185
Root and canal morphology of mandibular permanent first molars in a US population - A multi-ethnicity evaluation by CBCT
Guo, Jing / Vahidnia, Ajang / Sedghizadeh, Parish / Enciso, Reyes
Page 193-200
Use of a tricalcium silicate cement in invasive cervical resorption
Costa, Sueli V. / Oliveira, Juliana J. / Pinheiro, Sérgio L. / Bueno, Carlos Eduardo S. / Ferrari, Patrícia H. P.
Page 219-224
Endodontic and aesthetic management of a fused maxillary central incisor with a supernumerary tooth
Nikoloudaki, Georgia E. / Diomataris, Michalis / Spyropoulos, Spyridon / Papazoglou, Efstratios